- Alliance Tournaments -

Officials Rules and Responsibilities

- Judging -

The judges call points, rule infractions, and disqualifications as they see them.  The Center Judge is in complete control of the ring and ring personnel. It is all the Judges responsibility to assist the Center Judge.

The Center Judge has the final decision on all penalty points or warnings.

- Dress code -

All judges must wear a full uniform, including belt, at all times during judging.

- Equipment Checks -

Officials will check all equipment and approve or deny it's use in the tournament.  This will be performed at the competitors ring before competing in the event.

-Splitting Divisions -

All divisions that have 13 or more competitors will be split into 2 divisions by an official.

- Alliance Tournaments -

Comptitor Requirements

- Responsibilities -

All competitors are responsible to know the rules and be ready to compete when called on.  If not ringside, the competitor's name will be called over the intercom.  If the competitor does not show in a five minute span the competition will begin without them.  If a competitor leaves the ring during an event and is not ready when called upon the competition will continue without them.

- Dress Code -

All competitors must wear a complete (top and bottom) uniform. The appropriate color belt or sash must also be worn in competition.

- Safety Equipment -

Sparring - Head Gear, Mouth Guard, Foot Gear, Hand Gear, and Groin Protectors for male competitors. (Chest Guards and Shin Guards are optional)

- Equipment Check -

An official will check all gear.  If the competitor is missing the required equipment (forgotten, deemed unsafe, or fits improperly) and is unable to find a replacement, they will be disqualified from the competition.

- Alliance Tournaments -

Ring Requirments

- Ring Size -

Each ring will be closed in by orange cones. the ring size will be 16' x 16' with a ring number on each table visible to all competitors.